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Louise Cardeiro Boyer
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The Pacific Grove Art Center is a wonderfully unique, community-based nonprofit art venue. Established in 1969, early aims sought to offer space for art-making and art appreciation. The founders worked hard to create a usable art space for 17 art studios, a classroom, and four gallery venues. They passionately labored to develop an environment with superb cultural offerings. Today we continue that rich tradition. In fact, the Pacific Grove Art Center's purpose is to educate, appreciate, exhibit, encourage, and inspire! Our mission is to build community through creativity.
Call for Artists Now Open

Artists may resubmit to the Selection Committee one year after the closing date of their last exhibit. No work may be shown at the Pacific Grove Art Center if it has been previously exhibited in a solo show at the Art Center.
Exhibit Fees
If accepted, the fee structure for the galleries is as follows:
Individual Shows Group Shows
Gill - $375.00 Gill - $700.00
Dyke - $300.00 Dyke - $550.00
Annand - $300.00 Annand - $550.00
Boyer - $270.00 Boyer - $525.00
Pacific Grove Art Center’s commission is 40% of the sale price.

Please add 25% per show to the exhibit fee if majority of show is not for sale. All artwork sales are to be handled by buyer directly through the office. Artists are not allowed to handle monetary transactions of their artwork.

Office hours: Wednesday through Saturday 12-5 pm, and Sunday 1-4 pm.

Our Exhibit Galleries: 
Nadine Annand
David Henry Gill
Elmarie Dyke

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