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Theme-Based Summer Workshops with Julie Heilman

With gentle instruction, Julie will introduce new techniques that encourage young artists to develop their skills to the next level. All materials provided. Julie’s workshops always start with t-shirt design & journaling, a plein air adventure midweek & lots of encouragement.

Monday-Friday   Time: 2-5 pm   Ages: 8-14 years
Cost: $145 Members    $170 Non-Members


June 12-16  "Yin/Yang; Black/White"  Focus on black & white imagery with reference to Japanese symbols, “Zen” doodling, paper cut outs, block printing & more.

June 26-30   "Birds, Animals, & Fish"  Explore representing various species with drawing, watercolor, acrylic, pastels, collage, and clay.

July 10-14  "We Live by the Ocean"   Inspiration from the beauty that is Lover’s Point & to Pacific Grove. A variety of mediums will be available to create wonderful interpretations.

July 24-28   "Feast of Lanterns"   Art projects based on wonderful week long celebration.  Lanterns, crowns, jewels…so much fun!!!

*For additional information regarding the workshops contact Julie Heilman (831) 917-0009

Art Focus with Dante Rondo

A Summer Series

Artist and long-term PGAC art teacher, Dante Rondo will teach a series of summer art classes for youth this summer. Classes are open to beginning, intermediate, and advanced young art students. Individual expression and creativity encouraged!

Drawing and Painting

June 5-9  Monday-Friday  Time:  2-5 pm  Ages: 9-16  

Cost: $190 Members  $210 Non-Members

This class will focus on elements of drawing and painting. Foundational techniques with graphite & charcoal pencils, watercolor and acrylic paints. 


Water Based Painting Workshop

June 19-23  Monday-Friday  Time:  2-5 pm  Ages: 10-16

Cost: $190 Members  $210 Non-Members
This class will focus on painting techniques using watercolors and acrylics. Color mixing and application of both painting mediums in the student’s choice of subject matter and expression.

Drawing Nature, Animals, & Wildlife

July 3 & 5-7  Monday & Wednesday-Friday  Time:  2-5pm  Ages: 10-16
Cost: $155 Members  $170 Non-Members
The world of nature, landscapes, animals and wildlife are the inspiration for this class. We will be working in graphite and charcoal, ink and wash, and pastels. 

Mixed Media Design and Color Workshop
July 17-21  Monday-Friday  Time:  2-5 pm  Ages 10-16
Cost: $190 Members   $210 Non-Members

Expressive use of materials with an emphasis on design and color harmonies. We will work in black and white media, watercolors, acrylics, colored pencils and pastels.

Summers End Inspirational Art!  
July 31 – August 4  Monday-Friday  Time:  2-5pm  Ages: 9-16
Cost: $190.00 Members   $210 Non-Members

Create from your summer travel and inspiration locally! Turn sketches and concepts into finished drawings and paintings. Using any or all materials, drawing, and painting. 

*For additional information regarding the workshops contact Dante Rondo (831) 626-4259

All about Art with Sarah Saleet

Sarah enjoys being a practicing artist and educator, sharing her passion for the arts through engaging hands-on experiences. 


Modern Artist

June 5-9  Monday-Friday  Time: 10am-1pm  Ages: 6-10  Cost: $145 Members  $170 Non-Members

Students will spend the week learning about and creating inspired art projects by some of the most famous modern artists of the 20th century. We will talk about the artists lives and how they became artists, looking at their different styles and techniques, so that we can create our own! We will spend a day looking at each artist, including Andy Warhol, Georgia O'Keeffe, Jasper Johns, Henri Matisse, and Piet Mondrian. The class will be an exploration of each artists unique style and artwork as a timeline of 20th century modern art.



June 19-23  Monday-Friday  Time: 10am-1pm  Ages 8-12  Cost: $190 Members  $210 Non-Members

Students will spend the week learning about various printmaking techniques, such as relief, collograph, and monoprint. We will study and create a different kind of printing plate each day-- creating nature prints, recycled material collograph prints, styrofoam plate prints, hot glue prints, and ending the week with screenprinting a T-shirt! Students will walk away with a vast knowledge of basic printmaking skills and processes, and an awesome print collection!


All about Color!

July 3 and 5-7  Monday & Wednesday-Friday  Time: 10am-1pm  Ages: 6-10  Cost: $145 Members $170 Non-Members

Let's learn all about color! Students will learn about the color spectrum, integrating the science and art of color. We will read fun stories about colors and experiment with color mixing recipes to learn how colors are made. This class will cover basic and intermediate color theory concepts, like primary and secondary colors, through exciting and engaging activities and art projects. We will do lots of fun color projects, including "painting" frosting on a cookie color wheel, tissue paper kaleidoscope collages, and abstract paintings. Students will leave this class with color confidence!


Let's Write a Book!

July 17-21  Monday-Friday  Time: 10am-1pm  Ages 8-12   Cost: $190 Members  $210 Non-members

For those young artists and writers, this class blends your interests perfectly! In this class, students will collaborate in order to create a storybook complete with an original story (by you!) and original illustrations (also by you!). We will spend the first day playing a game, taking turns writing a single line of the story. Each person will add another line to the story, and will create a coordinating illustration for their text. For example, if I say, "Once upon a time, there was a castle", my page of the book would have the text along with an original drawing of a castle setting. Students will go through the creative process from idea to product, developing their own original book. Each student will receive a bound edition of their book on the final day of class.


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